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Originating somewhere between need + desire. With a commitment to honest materials, innovative design and localized production.

Starting out in her apartment in 2007, designer + maker Sarra Tang has since grown to create a full design studio and production facility in Toronto, with a focus on creating beautiful, thoughtfully designed fashions and objects.


Trash talk, trash walk

April 22nd is Earth Day! Spend some quality time with Sarra and Kaeli from @hoibo and Masashi of @neocoffeebarto.  We will be walking our east end neighbourhood, cleaning up our beautiful city and talking some trash.  A community gathering to do some good in our city, meet new friends and share your ideas on how you bring sustainability into your everyday. It's about the little things!

Meet up with us at hoi bo in the Historic Distillery District, bring a reusable coffee cup and Neo Coffee will filler up with their amazing brew! Grab a friend, meet new friends and don't forget your gloves.

 When: April 22, 2018 

           Serving coffee from 10-11am
           Join us on our trash walk from 11-1pm

Where: 15 Trinity Street
             Historic Distillery District
             Toronto, On 

Questions? Call us! (647) 852-5488
The early bird gets the worm!  The first  people to arrive will be gifted our Boiled Wool Dish Pad upcycled from the offcuts of our fall/winter pieces. They are re-usable (machine wash to clean), biodegradable AND .....remarkably odour free. Get here early, have coffee with us and make sure you get your Boiled Wool Dish Pad before we're fresh out! 



Exhale Supernova - Brave Knit Forms

Exhale Supernova is the expression of a fundamentally new ecosystem for our studio practice. It's not just about creating another shirt or bag. Exhale Supernova lives and breathes in the space between design, craft and technology, where we explore new ideas and push paradigms. It's an honest and deep conversation about what sustainability truly means.
By it's very nature, the process of cut-and-sew manufactuing of apparel means that there is significant textile waste resulting from the leftover fabric between individual pattern pieces. Experts estimate that this waste can be as high as 15% of the total amount of material used to produce each garment. Off-cuts from garment production, in ideal situations are recycled, but more often than not, end up as landfill. This is no longer environmentally sustainable.
Through our exploration of new knit technologies, we can contribute to the elimination of waste generated by cut-and-sew manufacturing, which is the most widely used method of clothing production. Because our shapes are knitted, not cut, material waste is less than 2%.
Exhale Supernova is about crafting a life with a quietly thoughtful approach and a spirit of "just enough"; where true worth is more than a beautiful object — it's about the journey from here to there.