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Originating somewhere between need + desire. With a commitment to honest materials, innovative design and localized production.

Starting out in her apartment in 2007, designer + maker Sarra Tang has since grown to create a full design studio and production facility in Toronto, with a focus on creating beautiful, thoughtfully designed fashions and objects.



patience is a virtue.

At the start of the project, all the work that was completed had such a visually dramatic impact. Now that we're down to the nitty gritty...things are SEEMINGLY going at a snails pace-I'm terribly impatient. It's been about 2 weeks and they've got quite a bit done on the project.  The solar tubes + the roof were completed last week and now they're working on the inside of the studio while we wait for the metal panels to be completed.  The entire front, up to the height of the door opening, will be clad in powder coated white panels. Insullation + electrical work have also been completed. Who knew that you needed to get your insulation inspected before you drywall!

The interior of the studio was designed to have hooks all around the space, like you would see in a Shaker style home. I recently started sculpting the hooks for the space, they'll all be hand cast and finsihed in solid bronze by a local foundry.  Right now I'm in the begining stages and I've just started to play with the size and form of the hook. In a lot of Shaker homes the hooks are mounted to a wooden board which is then mounted to the wall.  I'm trying to create individual hooks that mount directly to the wall but without seeing any of the screws that hold it in place. I have an idea that I'm working on, I'll let you know how it goes....

sarra :)



block by block

Albert layed all the concrete block.  The amount of care that he and all of the guys have taken in building this studio for me means so much to me. I'm excited to get home everyday after work so I can talk to the guys and get caught up on what they worked on that day.  They walk me through what they did and answer the million and one questions I have about this or that. Working with people who love what they do and have integrity in their work is such a gift. 

The last row of blocks are going to be finished today. Can you believe all this has been finished in the past week since we spoke last?

:) sarra